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Counting - Harbours of Paris

Who ?

“Harbours of Paris” is a public institution of the French State. Its first mission is to develop river traffic in Île-de-France. He is also responsible for managing the harbour facilities located on the 500 km of waterways in the Île-de-France region. Each harbour can also be considered as a zone of activity domiciling different companies.

Why ?

Energetic renovation of an inter-company restaurant (heat pumps, ventilation, steering) and deployment of a metering infrastructure linked to the ENEOR G.E.M® platform for:

-Analysing its consumption and reducing costs

-Valorize the impact of the renovation actions carried out

-Maintain the operation of new technicals installations

-Dispose of an ENEOR engineer carrying out the mission of Energy Manager


-15 electrical meters

-sensors of outer temperature ,interior temperature , humidity and CO2

-recuperation of physical parameters of a heat pump and air handling units

-data concentrator sending information at 10 min pace once a day

How many ?

In the first year, the restaurant was able to realize 15% savings


As the deployment was carried out at the same time as work on heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, the use of the ENEOR G.E.M® platform permit to the commissioning of the installations. The level of accuracy provided (time pace 10min) and the judicious ascent of the operating parameters of the machines made it possible to quickly identify operational and regulation anomalies.In addition this permited to identify drifts of comfort parameters . Monitoring during the year also optimized regulation in summer, winter and mid-season.

Additional benefits:

- Quick identification (warning systems) of malfunction to inform maintenance technicians.

-Encourage companies to work on the quality of systems and control implemented.

-Reports, analysis and suggestions of optimization tracks by ENEOR engineers.


-The quality of the counting plans requires a specific control for the choice of the counters / sensors (Accuracy, communication protocols, implementation) and careful verification of data.

-The monitoring of physical parameters adds relevance in the analysis of energy data.

To utilize an energy platform to its true potential, users should be trained and able to devote the necessary time to using this tool effectively over time. This is why ENEOR G.E.M® systematically integrates an Energy Manager service.

ENEOR G.E.M® platform


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