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First proposition about meeting unmet learning needs

(a): I think that it is indeed necessary to prepare a concrete plan after the meeting, during the meeting there should be a summary of all the learning needs and that everyone should present in a few words their needs. I think that import seminars will be very important, I would like to discuss the formats imagined for these seminars and start thinking about who can go where (for example: we will have trouble going to present free software in 7 different countries!) (b) This is a very important question: do key decision makers need capacity building? For my personal example, in Lorient they all agree to do monitoring, and they tell me “the technique is yours to manage”. We have more difficulties with global strategies: federal versus centralized architecture led by a large private operator who invites elected officials to the restaurant… So I hope we really ask ourselves this question, which will be decisive for the capacity building strategy. What we can imagine next is technical capacity building on the monitoring part anyway. Regarding the financial aspect, I have the impression that this will be of greater interest to key decision makers © I would like to create in the good practices register a kind of FAQ based on learning needs that would refer to the concrete cases presented in the GPR. I can do that after the meeting if everyone's okay.

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