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Almada's technical workshop : Energy Monitoring

This workshop was hold on 24 and 25 october 2018 in Almada.

Download the agenda: energy_monitoring_workshop_-_agenda_final.pdf


It is our responsability to contribute to mitigate climate change. Many of key decision makers are uncomfortable with investment costs of somme measures. Monitoring should make easier for people to understand the gains of investments.

European projects can also give financial independence to structures which are making R&D work on middle term topics like monitoring systems.

This workshop is designed to improve communication between participants, all questions and interventions are welcome!

Monitoring and Measuring

By Brian Cassidy

Free vs Proprietary software

By Gautier Husson (Liberasys - Lorient - France)

Presentation made by Gautier Husson

What is EUPL (European Union Public Licence)?

It is important to consider that free software doesn't mean “free” as “no money needed” but “free” as “freedom”

Question: how can we “buy” free software monitoring systems ?
Answer: Pierre Crépeaux put here the tender documents that were used to buy free software monitoring systems in Lorient. datalogging_batiments.zip

Comparable or Compatible monitoring systems?

Monitoring system project by MAE / SEPIN

by Marcin Lapa

Social dimension of energy monitoring

Software for monitoring, regulation and management

by Vlasta Krmelj

Presentation of a solution based on bill analysis, which is deployed in several 100s of buildings in Slovenia.

Data from utilities or from final equipements ?

by Pierre Crépeaux

Presentation made by Pierre Crépeaux (begins at slide 21)

Presentation of different monitoring, regulation and management systems already on the market



Presentation of different monitoring systems already on the market and smart meters

Quality Management: Turning Energy Concepts into Building Performance

Monitoring of energy and CO2 savings

by Tobias Timm


Nice and efficient “low tech” .xls files to use on buildings energy monitoring

Good practices in energy monitoring in hospitals

by Gilberto Cristofoletti

Good practices in energy monitoring on:social housing, public buildings like schools, kindergartens, public companies,…

by Kristian Olser

“Benefits of giving the Energy Company control of the heating of our buildings”

IoT and Smart Cities

Magdebourg technical workshop : Innovative Financial Instruments

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