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GP 6-1

Good practice #5-5TiSolenn
Main institution involved Lorient Agglomeration and Local Energy Agency of South Britany (ALOEN)
Energy monitoringX Financial monitoring
Location Lorient agglomeration / Bretagne / France
social and private housing
Timescale 2015-2018
Good practices categories
1-Good Practice measurement (hardware) 5-Good data (energy and/or financial) collections system X
2-Good software 6-Good energy and/or financial indicators and/or ergonomy X
3-Good financial tools 7-Good data analysing system X
4-Good organisation and management 8-Good use of data X
Abstract or Summary TiSolenn is a tool for monitoring and helping to reduce energy consumptions. A website is proposed to consupters within the framework of Solenn experimentation, led by Lorient Agglomération in partnership with ALOEN ( Local Energy Agency of South Britanny), Enedis ( French power supplier), the South Britanny University, the families confederation from Morbihan.
Financial scheme(not available)
Further informationshttps://tisolenn.lorient-agglo.fr/
Contact detailsMarie Laure Lamy Head of ALOEN https://www.aloen.fr/contact
Long descriptionConsumers can :
-follow and compare their consumptions thanks to their connected electric meter
-enquire about energy consumptions reduction thanks to daily ecological gestures provided on the website, and articles on varies themes
-contribute to energy reduction in your neighbourhood joining the economical dynamic of the group
-benefit thematic workshops about energy with
Pictures, videos
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