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Technical Workshop "Innovative Financial Instruments

Financing opportunities

Christoph Hartmann (EU-Verwaltungsbehörde EFRE/ESF)

ESIF (European Structural Investment Funds) or EFSI (European Fund for tratgic Investments) or both?

Types of funding

- Grands
- Loans, guarantees and equity
- Subsidies
- Prizes
- “public contracts”

Management of EU funding

- jointly by EC and national authorities : ESIF
- directly by EC
- indirectly by other authorities inside or outside the EU

Step towards EU funding

programms run by EU are somehow less bureaucratic than programms run at national level

Funding opportunities for public bodies

- cohesion policy
- JASPERS - major infrastructure projects http://jaspers.eib.org/index.htm
- financial instruments under the ESI- funds
- Investment plan for Europe - EFSI

The Junker Plan

3 objectives: 1/remove obstacles for investment 2/visibility and technical assistane 3/smarter use of financial ressources

EFSI - managed by European Investment Bank

To be investigated???

EFSI projects must be econommy and technically sound, mature, well priced (risk), contributing to eu objectives, in at least in one of the 9 EFSI sectors

Funding provided within the framework of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)

key principles:
- concentration
- additionality (funds should not replace national fundings)
- progmramming
- partnership

COhesion policy has set 11 objectives supporting growth for the period 2014-2020

Focus: ERDF

Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027: the future of EU funding

key features:
- more funding for priority areas
- protect eu budget form financial risks
- strong focus on european added value
- less red tape
- more flexible and agile budget

5 investment priorities:
- smarter Europe –> 65%-85% of budgets allocated to the 2 first priorities
- greener
- connected
- social


Cohesion Policy

Green Impact Bounds

Björn Söderlundh (Komuninvest)

Swedish Local Government Debt Office (rem: equivalent in France to Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations?)

Green Loans

107 membres, 233 projects
50% green buildings
30% renewable energy (wind)

Green Bonds

“Position Paper on Green Bonds Impact Reporting” https://www.icmagroup.org/assets/documents/Regulatory/Green-Bonds/NPSI_Position_paper_2017_Final-261017.pdf

what is uridashi? (slide 4)
differences between loans and bonds ?
are you looking for new investment projects?

European Regional Development Fund

Maria Vaadre (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth)

great accompagnement of EU funded projects

European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)

Carsten Buhmann (Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt)


Pierre Crépeaux
Head of Environment Department
City of Lorient

Documents for solar pannels crowdfunding

Energy Performance Contracting

Francisco Puente (Escan)

"The Banker's brain"

European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF)

Georgie Debenham (DWS Group)

Bankability of projects

Jan Patrick Daniel (NORD/LB-Norddeutsche Landesbank)

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