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Good practices register

This good practices register is developed to ensure coordination as to content and publication. The good practices are collected from the partner regions. The content are accessible and can be modified by all project partners. Energy monitoring best practices and financial monitoring were investigated.

Good practices collected by partners P1, P2, … are classified GP1-1, GP1-2, … and GP2-1, …
Others Good Practices are classified GPO-1, GPO-2, …

Good practices categories

Good practices categories
1-Good Practice measurement (hardware)
2-Good software
3-Good financial tools
4-Good organisation and management
5-Good data (energy and/or financial) collections system
6-Good energy and/or financial indicators and/or ergonomy
7-Good data analysing system
8-Good use of data

Good practices by partner

P1 Energy Agency of Podravje-Institution for Sustainable Energy Use (SL)

* P1 Energy Agency of Podravje-Institution for Sustainable Energy Use (SL)

GP 1-1Energy, CO2 and financial monitoring system in 200 public buildings: software program, used by Energy agency as the energy manager and building’s managers.
GP 1-2Energy refurbishment of a building with the energy contracting system and using cohesion fund.
GP 1-3Educational and informational campaign for schools and kindergartens (workshops for housekeepers, kitchen and cleaning staff, headmasters, teachers, pupils.)
GP 1-4Energy performance contracting for public street lighting system
GP 1-5Energy monitoring and management system
GP 1-6Energy rehabilitation of 24 public buildings in the City of Maribor according to the model of Energy Contracting and Cohesion Fund
GP 1-724 hours online monitoring of electricity in public buildings

P2 Local Energy Management Agency of Almada, AGENEAL (PT)

GP 2-1Pilot experience in social housing: Intelligent monitoring of energy consumption
GP 2-2Almada’s Climate Fund
GP 2-3Telemanagement of public lighting systems - EcoEnlight

P3 Southern Regional Assembly (IE)

GP 3-1Public Sector Reporting & Monitoring Programme
GP 3-2Use of sensors for collection of environmental data
GP 3-3Optimising Power @ Work Campaign

P4 Agenzia Regionale Recupero Risorse (ARRR) (IT)

GP 4-1Green Hospital Project
GP 4-2New Hospital “Versilia”
GP 4-3Experimental low environmental impact building trade
GP 4-4Monitoring in social housing

P5 Municipality of Lorient (FR)

* P5 Municipality of Lorient (FR)

GP 5-1Saint-Sulpice Smart City
GP 5-2Raspberry Pi electricity monitoring and free software data collection
GP 5-3Citizens, owners of solar panels
GP 5-4TiSolenn

P6 Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (SE)

GP 6-1Galaxen förskola “Passivhouse Preeschool”
GP 6-2Mönsterås library “Low energy library”
GP 6-3Arena Oskarshamn “Ice heats water“
GP 6-4Green bonds - Financing climate friendly investments projects

P7 Mazovia Energy Agency (MAE) (PL)

GP 7-2Jessica
GP 7-3Local Energy Manager (LEM) studies
GP 7-4Energy Management System in water company
GP 7-5PPP in thermo-modernization of public utility facilities
GP 7-6Mazovian Center for Energy Management

P8 Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt (DE)

GP 8-1Implementation of an excellent energy monitoring system in a primary school
GP 8-2Using asset and building technology (cogeneration plant) (Gymnasium Stassfurt)
GP 8-3Energy efficiency as a consequence of changing the cubic volume of a building (Evangelische Sekundarschule Haldensleben)
GP 8-4How to involve users and raise the awareness in a nursery? (Kita Güst’ner Spatzen)
GP 8-5How to set up and to operate an innovative financial instrument (IFI) in ERDF in the FP 2014-2020?

P9 Santander City Council (ES)

GP 9-1PPP Contract for the street lighting upgrade in Santander
GP 9-2Smart water project
GP 9-3Santander Smart city
GP 9-4ESCO Contract for 5 schools in Madrid Municipality
GP 9-5Renovation of 10 nursing homes old oil boilers by new gas boilers

Other good practices

GP O-1Arduino and Raspberry Pi electricity monitoring
GP O-2Monitoring solution


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