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Nine regions in EMPOWER works on the exchange of good practices on dynamically monitoring energy efficiency in buildings, with special focus on the use of innovative financial instruments, in order to achieve more carbon reduction. The EMPOWER project innovatively addresses two urgent challenges in European cities and regions: the opportunity to reduce CO2emissions from buildings using new technology and better management, and the need for more investment to meet the EU’s CO2reduction targets.


To reduce carbon emissions from buildings, particularly in medium sized schemes, while also supporting jobs and growth in the local economy.

We will improve regional policies by:

  • analysing partners’ plans through peer review,
  • identifying good practices that will improve these plans, studying them through Study Visits, importing them via special workshops and Regional Action Plans.
  • developing cost effective energy monitoring systems and using these in existing buildings and to attract private investment
  • building the capacity of all relevant public authorities including ERDF Managing Authorities

Main outputs

The project’s will benefit the building users, key decision makers, SMEs working in energy, investors. They are:

  • New projects that innovate by applying cost effective energy monitoring to reduce energy demand, using new technology.
  • Improved governance between different levels of government, using the plan–do-act-check principle and providing quality data to attract and reassure commercial investors.


Capacity Building

In this section, you will find all the tools developped during EMPOWER project to enhance capacities in deploying monitoring systems and assessing the projects can be financed.

Good Practices

The Good Practices Register presents best practices Empower's project partners wanted to emphasize on.

Learnign Needs

What are / were the Learning Needs of project partners, and how do/did they meet them?


The partners are sharing documentation about ideas, initiatives, interesting projects relevant for the Empower project.

Study visit

You can find here all presentations made during the study visits

Import Workshops

Regional Action Plans

You'll find here some informations on how to build a Regional Action Plan


Lorient's work


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