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P8 Development Banke of Saxony Anhalt (DE)

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GP 8-1

Good practice #8-1Implementation of an excellent energy monitoring system in a primary school
Main institution involved (not available)
Energy monitoringX Financial monitoring
Location Blankenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Primary school
Timescale (not available)
Good practices categories
1-Good Practice measurement (hardware) X 5-Good data (energy and/or financial) collections system X
2-Good software X 6-Good energy and/or financial indicators and/or ergonomy X
3-Good financial tools 7-Good data analysing system X
4-Good organisation and managementX 8-Good use of data X
Abstract or Summary - energy passive house concept,
- innovative ventilation and heating system,
- sensors for room climate and CO2-Traffic lights in every room
- specific monitoring concept
- expert monitoring by university of applied sciences
Financial scheme(not available)
Further informations(web)
Contact details(not available)
Long description(not available)
Pictures, videos
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