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-[[http://​www.thecrusherparts.com/​|symons crusher]], [[http://​www.thecrusherparts.com/​|http://​www.thecrusherparts.com/​]]. Silicone bracelets have become quite a craze nowadays as a promotion or charity tool; fashion accessory or party gifts etc. people from all age groups are seen wearing a silicone bracelet with a message or design showcasing some cause or particular event. 
-But what are these silicone bracelets or wristbands really made of? These bracelets are made from 100 percent silicone. ​ 
-Silicone is a man made industrial polymer from the silicon which is an element discovered by Jons Jacob Bezelins in 1824(makes up 25% of the earth'​s crust by weight). 
-So, the manufacturers prefer to use silicone over other materials like leather or metal which are much more expensive and are not as durable and resistant to water/heat etc. like silicone is. 
-The various characteristics which make it a good product to make accessories like silicone wristbands or bracelets are listed below: 
-Durable: Silicone is a very tough and durable material. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant and if it's of good quality will retain their original shape even if they are stored for quite some time. 
-Waterproof: Silicone is used for waterproofing the various items around our house like windows etc.  [[http://​nangluonghoangan.vn/?​option=com_k2&​view=itemlist&​task=user&​id=536440|telsmith jaw crusher]] So, using silicone to make the bracelets will make them water resistant and if the messages are actually engrave/ debossed then the message or the design will be retained in water for long and will not fade off. 
-Flexible: The elasticity of the silicone material is good .This means that the silicone bracelets won't easily snap-off. People don't want their silicone bracelets where they place either their names, or other messages for a cause to break off that easily. Normal silicone bracelets are elastic like rubber due to which they are also known as rubber bracelets. But the bracelets ​ church fund which are not elastic and easily snap off are of poor quality and these are the "​factory cuts" on the bracelet, due to which they snap off when the silicone bracelet is stretched. 
-Smooth Texture: The surface of the wristbands made from silicone is smooth to the touch making it very comfortable to wear. Some bracelets have poor quality texture i.e. the surface of the bracelet is either too sticky or the texture is too rough or maybe some lumps etc.We should ensure that the texture of the [[https://​24hourwristbands.com/​|silicone bracelet]] is smooth by  [[http://​www.thecrusherparts.com/​|symons crusher]] using good quality of silicone. 
-Stable Material: Silicone does not react or melt if its colored or certain customizations are done on it. Hence it's quite an inert material making it quite safe and open to experimentations by the manufacturers to come up with more and more unique and innovative silicone wristbands or [[https://​www.change.org/​search?​q=bracelets|bracelets]]. 
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