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pcrepeaux [5th semester]
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 ====5th semester==== ====5th semester====
 +During this semester, the local stakeholder group was involved in the following meetings: ​
 +- Local Stakeholder'​s Group meeting with Brittany Region: 07/01/2019 (present the current state of work within the framework of the stakeholders'​ group EMPOWER / collective Consometers;​ see to what extent the work paths fit (or not) into the work logic of the MA (Brittany Region); establish a work plan for the future)
 +- Local Stakeholders Group: 13/02/2019 (coordination lorient agglomeration / aloen / consometers / ville de lorient and technical point on current projects)
 +- Meeting with Brittany Region: 13/03/2019 (preparation of the import workshop)
 +- Stakeholders'​ Hackathon 24 & 25/04/2019 (technical work on the recovery of data from Linky electric communication meters for the open source model developed by stakeholders)
 +- Local Stakeholder'​s group: Meeting Consometers 27/06/2019 (preparation of the meeting with the managing authority of July 2019; reflection on the technical follow-up for the next semester; reflection on the constitution of the local stakeholder'​s group in association for the post-EMPOWER period)
 [[Réunions de coordination Lorient / ALOEN]] [[Réunions de coordination Lorient / ALOEN]]
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 [[Presentation SEN1 project with MA 05/07/2019 | Presentation SEN1 project with MA 05/​07/​2019]] [[Presentation SEN1 project with MA 05/07/2019 | Presentation SEN1 project with MA 05/​07/​2019]]
 +[[Point sur les projets EMPOWER/​SUNPEOPLE/​POTENT 23/​08/​2020]]
 +[[Réunion des consometers 03/​09/​2019]]
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