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cheyenne__wyo [2018/03/15 16:34]
peterwymer373 created
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-[[https://​www.skynlondontantricmassage.com/​massages/​|xxx porn videos]] - [[https://​www.skynlondontantricmassage.com/​massages/​|https://​www.skynlondontantricmassage.com/​massages/​]]. CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A former University of Wyoming professor who pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography has been ordered to leave the U.S. and return to China within 90 days. 
-KTWO-AM reports Jian Cai pleaded guilty in November and was sentenced Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal also ordered Cai to pay $6,000 in restitution. 
-Court records say federal agents investigating a child pornography sharing network found that an IP address of a computer belonging to Cai had downloaded pornographic images of children. Investigators found about 1,000 pictures and videos on his computer and other storage devices. 
-Cai was an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Wyoming. He was placed on unpaid leave after the charges were filed and no longer works at the university. 
-Information from: KTWO-AM, website guilty of child porn charge must return to China 
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